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William Robert White



1. Louise Hatton

2. Rebecca Denford

William Robert White

  • Født: 15 Nov. 1958, New Zealand
  • Ægteskab (1): Louise Hatton
  • Ægteskab (2): Rebecca Denford

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Biografi skrevet af Annette White:

Robert was the editor of the NZ Yearbook for many years and is listed in the "NZ Who's Who" for his work. Presently he works as a public servant and writes law for the NZ government. He is a qualified barrister. Robert has 2 children: Rory and Melanie. Robert was married to Louise Hatton until she died in 9.9.1991, of eclampsia, one week after Melanie was born. Later Robert remarried Rebecca Denford. Rebecca is a very accomplished woman, a qualified doctor, surgeon and pyschiatrist. They have separated.

William blev gift med Louise Hatton. (Louise Hatton døde den 9 Sep. 1991 i New Zealand.)

William blev derefter gift med Rebecca Denford.

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