William Robert White
Ray White



1. Joy Edith Hardy

Ray White

  • Født: 13 Dec. 1918, New Zealand
  • Ægteskab (1): Joy Edith Hardy
  • Død: 15 Apr. 1985, New Zealand i en alder af 66 år
  • Begravet: 20 Apr. 1985, New Zealand

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Arbejdede for NZ jernbaner.

Biografi skrevet af Annette White:
Ray was born shortly after his father died of the Spanish Flu in 1918. His mother bought up 3 children on a widow's pension (NZ was the first in the world to have widow's pensions). The 3 children were William Robert (named after his father), Bid (short for Elizabeth?), and Ray. W. Robert served as a bomber pilot in WW11, his only child is a retired university lecturer in Sydney. Bid has 2 daughters: one is a university lecturer in Nursing Studies and the other was a full time mother. A relative is researching this family tree. Many men on his father's side were engineers in the South Island of NZ. They come from an English descendent who came from Essex to the the gold fields of Victoria, Australia and from there went to the gold fields of West Coast NZ. Ray's mother (Claire Richardson) came from Devon and remembered the Mermaid Hotel at Rye fondly (may have worked there.)

Ray blev gift med Joy Edith Hardy, datter af Hardy og Nina Blanche Lister. (Joy Edith Hardy blev født den 27 Aug. 1924 i New Zealand, døde den 10 Nov. 2002 i New Zealand og blev begravet den 15 Nov. 2002 i New Zealand.)

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